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Summer 08
One Ravishing Renaissance!

Based on the ambitious vision of the developers, the new Riviera Beach & Lounge Resort was conceived by Gatserelia Designís Gregory Gatserelia, and closely tracked during the various design/construction stages by Eng. Abdulrahman Al Shathry, owner of the distinguished Al Shathry Consulting Engineering, also co-owner of the Riviera.

The Architect was asked to think up an exuberant and striking spot that would attract glitzy circles and stir champagne-like moments; in other words to design a new flamboyance keeping the Riviera’s legacy alive. Only time constraints were strong: the works started mid-winter and the opening was scheduled for July. But big minds are up to big missions. And sometimes, to be given carte blanche can do wonders.

That was where the construction company Sadeer rose to the challenge! Summer 2007 ended up under the promise of inaugurating the project in no later than 8 months, with a view to unleashing a newfound summer spirit unlike any other in the Region. The impressive 24/7 works were officially kicked off in November with 3 daily shifts, supported by a dedicated team of engineers and designers.

“Sadeer was determined to deliver the project as per the strict timetable and in accordance with the spectacular designs, despite the regrettable circumstances that were taking place concurrently in Beirut”, explained Rakan Al Salem, proud to present the first operational floating island in the Middle East.

An exclusive hands-on approach by Gatserelia and Sadeer, acting in unison, had the merit of brilliantly bringing the project from the planning stage through to perfect completion, with an imposing showing of 3 swimming pools, 8 Jacuzzi’s, and a stretch of 100-meter waterfalls.

The pumps used for the latter function under high pressure, isolating the salt from the chlorine water, rendering it nice, clean and crisp. The island was constructed with 140 tons of cold air flowing from its wooden floors, cooling up to a 2-meter standing height. Top-notch quality had to be guaranteed in minute detail when building the water flow systems that were all imported from Europe.

A tempting ticket to re-experience snaking through the Riviera’s famous white tunnel, now lavishly lacquered, reaching the ultimate Beirut beach. Stretching over 10,000 sqm; sea, sun and stars cozily intermingle within the same fortunate constellation.

The Marina used to allow very narrow access to boats, which led Gatserelia to create the mesmerizing floating island with a Spa pool and a deck… A revampment that is sure to score a summer scoop!

Singles and families, of all ages, will be spoiled for choice with five appetite-whetting menus in five lofty venues: Portofino (Italian), Au Gros Sel (Seafood), The Island (Fusion), Pool and Family areas. All restaurants are to be operated by the much-acclaimed Riviera Group. And to feed your soul, celebrated DJ’s will play exhilarating live music that will make you fly. This night and day entertainment is flawlessly devised, so it’s easier to get lost in a dream... rather than in translation.

Falling directly under a professional Lebanese management, the Riviera Resort is scout-ready to serve the market, meeting universal standards. What’s more, enchanting events are in the pipeline: international and local singers/performers, world-class events, plus various others aimed at contributing to the betterment of our society.

Prepare to bask in contentment inside one of the swimming pools blissfully surrounded by the sea, or do some longed-for lounging while contemplating the sunset. Nicely flexible, the sofas can be converted into day beds that indulge your whims by rotating to let you either face or flee the sun. But if what you have in mind is an enticing private escape, then book the VIP corner with its own bar and Jacuzzi, and get the royal treatment!

All your desires have been meticulously anticipated and addressed. Including water sports for adrenaline junkies, from jet skiing to diving, as well as cardio/pilates classes for early risers and fitness fans. No effort was spared to make the Riviera Beach & Lounge Resort the pride of Lebanon. It’s the cosmopolitan setting that captures the real sparkling Beirut, in a totally unpretentious inviting atmosphere.

This clean-cut architectural and design concept, with glorious decoration and artwork, all really comes down to the simple philosophy of indulgent pampering. A rare treat of satisfaction, wellness, fabulous food, sensational service and stunning scenery. Every angle of this open space was meant to foster partying, mingling and to allow exciting personalized activities, coaxing the laziest of people into extending the mood of the day throughout the night. An operation geared toward creating perfect synergy between the place and the crowd.

Riviera’s unique open air leisure retreat, with a white summer flavor and an 800-guest capacity, is set to become the Region’s landmark for luxury living within easy reach, and rightfully promises to give Happy People the chance to upgrade to... ecstasy!

Has any Beach Resort ever offered so much?

The new larger-than-life Riviera has everything in it. It’s hard to disagree.

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